Video compilation of the zaniest car mods part 2

I had so much fun looking through the weirdest and hilarious car mods on YouTube for the previous article that I knew I had to do at least one more post about it. Creating your personal vision for a car can take many forms, from over-the-top mods on a family hatchback to modifying your four-door econobox sedan to look like a supercar. This time around, I’ve found some of the funniest replicas as well. Without further ado, here is a list of some of the zaniest car mods found on YouTube:

Top 10 worst car replicas

Ranging from a Chinese made Lamborghini created from scraps, to Mitsubishi GT clothed as a Ferrari California, this video has a hilarious number of seriously weird replicas. The music goes well with the general zaniness of the mods too.

Worst car mods ever!

This is one of those videos that makes me go, “Why oh why would you do something like that?!” In addition to making me lose faith in humanity a little, the utterly crazy modifications done to some of these cars are just heinous. The picture quality of each car is a bit poor, but you don’t need to see things like this in high quality HD.

Stupid cars

The video title says it all. Here are some of the most cringe-worthy car mods you’ll ever see. From modifications that give new meaning to the word spoiler, to just downright ugly-as-hell mods, this video, with a soundtrack to match, is definitely one of the best around for crappy car mods.

Worst supercar mods

This brilliant video by Gaskings shows the difference between manufacturer-based modifications and some owners who just f*** up their beautiful supercars. The phrase “More money than sense” is personified in this video.


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