Video compilation of the zaniest car mods

Central to a petrolhead is the way they spend their money on cars. Some prefer to buy brand new machines and keep them stock for the duration of ownership, while others will buy them used and modify the crap out of them. This isn’t an ‘either-or’ sort of situation. I personally would love the opportunity to mod a car that I own but not to the extent that it is unrecognizable. As people who follow this blog (and the Juvenile Petrolheads tribe on DRIVETRIBE) will know, I prefer to modify my cars to be sleepers, something that you wouldn’t expect to blow past a much more expensive car. For a car enthusiast, a car is an extension of themselves, in the same way that a painter’s art is an expression of the artist.

Drawing that parallel between artist and art, and petrolheads and their cars is easy. In both cases, it is expression given form. There will always be differing opinions as to what makes a brilliantly modded car and an over-the-top, salt-in-your-eyes kind of mod. That is why the below videos, in my opinion, display some of craziest and really unnecessary mods I have ever seen:

10 Most Amazing Modified Cars – 2016 by STARS ENTERTAINMENT

I disagree with the title as some of these modified cars are just downright weird. I will say the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren looks good, as do the Veyrons, the Aventador, and the muscle car.

Top 6 Worst Car Mods! By Muscle Vs Tuner

The narrator gives apt examples of ridiculous car modifications and prefaces it by saying it is just his opinion, even if it is a popular opinion. You can’t be too careful about what you say in this day and age. Someone somewhere is likely to be triggered! I also agree with his assessment of the use of chrome on cars, something which most Indian manufacturers use as a “premium feature”.

Pimp My Ride – Indian Style – FULL HD [Indian’s first Car Modification Show] by TamilCarFreaks

Besides the hilarious production value of this video and the narration, some of the mods done to this Maruti Baleno (sold between 1999 and 2007 in India) are bordering cool. The scope of the project is interesting, while the approach is standard. However, the end product is a bit off. The stickers are overdone, the music system is unnecessary, and the body kit is just plain useless. The addition of the “race” tachometer is kind of cool but again serves no purpose.

Most Bizarre Vehicles Ever Made by Talltanic

These vehicles are just bizarre! Some of them do serve a purpose like the Vexel Quovis but still look quite cringe-worthy. The Zombie Proof Maybach is perfect for those fearing the zombie apocalypse and looks almost cool. And who can say no to a freaking Batmobile! Don’t even get me started on the UFO look-alike.

On The Roads of Japan, Crazy Custom Cars, Dragon Ball by CleosThoughts

Japan is a country of extremes. Having lived there for over five years, I can honestly say they are some of the most sedate and well-mannered people in the world. Get them to go a bit crazy, and they take it to the next level of zaniness. Just take a look at this motorcade of weird custom cars going down a highway like it’s no big deal.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this video compilation. It just gets more hilarious and cringe-worthy!


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