E-dating for car lovers and petrolheads

Breaking into the dating scene can be tough no matter who you are. There’s no shame in signing up for a dating site in this day and age, as long as you don’t broadcast the fact that you have. One of the most famous lines in the Initial D anime is, “Drivers don’t need girlfriends.” The show originally aired in 1999 and a lot has changed since then.

There are plenty of people looking for love, and hope that their potential mate shares the same interests. Whether it is the carthrottle forums or the Dodge Charger forums, everybody’s looking for someone. Car guys (and gals) are pining for companionship, which is why there are dating sites for all sorts of niche interests now, even car lovers.

Carquirks has compiled a list of dating sites for petrolheads so you don’t have to drive alone:

Supercar Dating

Do you own a supercar? A Ferrari, a Lambo, a Porsche or anything expensive and fast? Supercar dating is the site for you. The site aims to “make millionaire networking with a Supercar Touch more efficient for those that enjoy the millionaire supercar lifestyle like Supercar Events, Michelin dining, jet-set holidays, yachts, an appreciation for fine art, horology, high octane experiences, international motorsports.” Basically, if you have money to burn, this is the dating site for you.

(Image source: Screenshot)

Site creator Sangeeth Segaram drives a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 and came up with the idea because he said he struggled to find a genuine date despite being a rich property developer. You can sign up on the site for free but you’d have to pay for the privilege of finding a date. If you’re shelling out more than £100,000 on a car, you can afford to spend a little to find love. The site also holds various events for meeting supercar singles.

Auto Lovers Dating

(Image source: Screenshot)

This site is all about finding someone who shares your love of cars, whether it’s the latest automotive news, cleaning and tuning your automobile, or just looking for the best places to drive. Like other dating sites you can join for free, but there is a premium membership that you have to pay for. The site also holds events like drag races and drifting for singles to meet.

Date My Ride

This site is all about the kind of car you drive. It lets you browse singles and judge them by the type of car they own. If you drive a low-slung sports car this should land you lots of dates. However, if you own a tiny hatchback you may be left on the outside looking in as your inbox remains empty.

(Image source: Screenshot)

So if you want to find a guy who drives a Volkswagen Beetle, or a woman who drives a pickup truck and pick your companion solely on that, Date My Ride is the site for you.

Car Passions

Car Passions is a site for those who like cars but who aren’t utterly in love with them. Its aim is to connect auto enthusiasts and is completely free to join. You can sign up using your Facebook profile and in the same way as other sites, you get access to the personals, specific car groups, and the forums.

(Image source: Screenshot)

Best of all, you get access to other sites in the “Passions” network after joining. That includes sites like Vampire Passions and Overweight Passions. So if your fetishes include all sorts of weird things, this is definitely the site for you.

(Image source: Screenshot)

For those of you in the USA on Tinder, Ford has tied up with the dating app to find two lucky car enthusiasts to go on a blind date in a Mustang. So look out for the Mustang while swiping!


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