5 stupidest things you can do while driving

Everyone who has studied for their driving test knows the list of ‘things not to do while driving’. However, it seems that quite a few people forget that they are not supposed to be drinking, updating their social media, talking on their phones, reading, or applying makeup when behind the wheel. It almost doesn’t matter how much manufacturers improve safety features on their models if the driver just isn’t paying attention.

I’m not sure if it is a moment of stupidity on their part or just Darwinism in action, but here’s Carquirks’ list of the stupidest things you can do while driving:


There are some things that are acceptable to eat when driving. Crisps, fries, a chocolate bar, maybe even a burger, these are all one-handed foods that are easier to eat. Some people take the concept a little too far. For example, a guy in Ottawa, Canada was arrested after weaving all over the road while attempting to eat an entire rotisserie chicken.

A woman in London eating a bowl of cereal while texting on her phone!

Even the typical BMW driver will frown on this man who caused a three-car smash-up while eating a full dinner while behind the wheel. Besides eating complicated food, eating can cause a choking hazard as a FedEx trucker found out when he choked on spicy pork rinds and jack-knifed off the road.

Playing with your pets

Most cars nowadays come factory-fitted with harnesses and belts for your pet. Yet there are those that think that because their pet is like their family, they can fit their dogs on their lap or have their cats wrapped around their necks while driving. While it may be very nice to play with your pets while driving or feed them some snacks, this sort of behaviour is unsafe for you and your pet.

According to Bark Buckle Up, if a car is going 35 miles per hour, a dog weighing 30 kilos can hit the windshield, car seat or a passenger with a force of 1,225kgf. That is the equivalent of getting hit by a 1.2 ton object, more than enough to break bones.

It may be adorable but it is putting your pet at serious risk!

In 2010, police in the US stopped a woman who was driving with 15 cats in her car! The report said that she couldn’t even see the patrol car behind her because the cats had blocked the rear window.

That’s one crazy cat lady! (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Using on your phone/tablet/computer

There was a video on Mashable back in 2015, where a cyclist saw a man driving a Land Rover in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland while using a laptop, a mobile phone, and headphones! Holy multi-tasking Batman!

Don’t even get me started on the number of people who text or use social media while driving. The Telegraph reported in 2010 that one-in-five people do it in the UK. There really isn’t a need to let everyone know what you’re doing at all times. When you’re driving, concentrate on it. There is no need to showcase your multi-tasking skills in this scenario.

A 2010 experiment with Car and Driver magazine editor Eddie Alterman, which took place at a deserted air strip, showed that texting while driving had a worse impact on safety than if you were driving while intoxicated. While legally drunk, Alterman’s stopping distance from 70mph (110kmph) increased by 4 feet (1.2m). His stopping distance while reading an e-mail added 36 feet (11m), while sending a text added 70 feet (21m)!

I mean come on! At least check the photograph before you Instagram it. (Image source: Wikipedia Commons & sadmoment.com)

Changing clothes

Putting on makeup or shaving while driving is pretty deadly. Some people, however, are truly convinced of their invincibility by changing their clothes while driving! Even if you’re just taking off your jacket, do it while the car is stationary.

It may have been hilarious when Mr. Bean did it (forward to 3:50) but it is really dangerous.

Back in 2011, a woman from Dallas became well known for either really wanting to get to the gym quickly, or wanting to get out of her stuffy suit. An anonymous blogger said that he saw her changing from a corporate suit into her gym gear, and he had the picture to prove it which became viral.

Masturbating/Having sex

Ask most guys under the age of 25; the number one way to alleviate boredom is to masturbate. Couples who like a bit of exhibition may also indulge in sex. Automotive technology company, DriveMode conducted a survey of a 1,000 people in the USA that revealed one in six people admitted they’ve engaged in sexual activity while driving.

It is really boring to get stuck in traffic and not have anything to do but there are hundreds of other ways you can amuse yourself and still keep an eye on the road. Play a word game, Eye-spy, car colours, anything but this. When you’re in the privacy of your own house, that’s between you and your partner (or hand), but on the road, please don’t.

This Russian couple in a BMX X6 just couldn’t wait until they got home.

Not only will you lose concentration and probably cause an accident, but you’ll make the surrounding drivers also lose it and cause an even bigger one. Please keep it in your pants till you get home.

While there are plenty of other stupid things you can do while driving like putting your leg out of the window or drinking and driving, or drugs and driving, the long and short of it is that you should not be distracted while driving. If you’re the sort of person who is easily distracted by things around you and can’t wait a little while to text, eat or have sex, wait till autonomous cars come out in force and then enjoy whatever you want while commuting.


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