Holidays and tours for car lovers

Can’t decide what to do this summer? Don’t want to leave the spouse and kids behind while going off on an adventure in a car? Carquirks has the answer. There are quite a few holiday ideas that revolve around driving and cars, besides including all the other aspects of a vacation. Pack your bags and set out on these great car-based holidays:

500 Touring Club – Tuscany, Italy

Driving the classic Fiat 500 in the beautiful Tuscany countryside would surely be a treasured memory (Image source: 500 Touring Club)

Few things are more Italian than driving around a classic Fiat 500 in the hills of Tuscany. The 500 Touring Club was set up to give tourists a unique experience by driving one of these iconic cars while exploring the picturesque countryside and sampling the wine, beer and food. With prices starting at $90 (£68) and going up to $230 (£174) per day, the main requirement is that you know how to drive a manual. The club offers some training in how to double-clutch and gives detailed instructions on how to best drive these vintage beauties.

The club also offers Vespa tours in case you can’t or don’t want to drive a manual (Image source: 500 Touring Club)

If driving a manual shift isn’t your cup of tea, the club also offers tours on their fleet of Vespas on identical routes. The prices range from $75 (£57) to $230 (£174).

2CV Paris Tour – Paris, France

Exploring Paris in the Citroen 2CV with a professional photographer in tow would make for lasting memories (Image source: 2CVParisTour)

What better way to tour Paris than in one of the most iconic French cars, the Citroen 2CV. You have the option of an hour long tour that provides an overview of the sights of Paris, a couple of in-depth 2 hour long tours, and some 3 hour long tours that promise to show you the hidden gems of the City of Lights. Prices range from €70 (£59) to €340 (£287) that also includes a bottle of champagne. Unfortunately you can’t drive the 2CV yourself, but you’ll have an experienced guide to show you the wondrous sights and take lasting photographs.

Saigon 2CV Tour – Saigon, Vietnam

The 2CV and the La Dalat’s (made specifically for Vietnam, in Vietnam) springy suspension should make traversing Vietnam’s roads a comfortable affair (Image source Saigon 2CV Tours)

Similar to the Paris tour, the Saigon 2CV tour in Vietnam lets you indulge in the sights and sounds of this multi-faceted city by night. You also have the option of choosing a La Dalat to be driven around in. The two and a half hour long tour covers Ho Chi Minh City’s landmarks and hidden lanes away from the city’s bustle. No trip to Vietnam is complete without a taste of the wonderful and exotic street food which you’ll be able to sample near the recently restored canal lined with many little restaurants.

Moab Off-road Tours – Utah, USA

The home of the off-roading community in the USA, Moab has everything you need to make a memorable off-road vacation (Image source: Aerial Imagery Works)

If you are ever in South Western United States and want to indulge in some mud-slinging and rock climbing, head to Moab, Utah to get your off-roading kicks. There are numerous rental companies like Twisted Jeeps and Canyonlands Jeep Adventures that will rent you a Jeep for the day to explore the undoubtedly spectacular terrain. The Mecca of off-roading in the USA, Moab is well-known for its community of off-roaders (like Red Rock 4-Wheelers who also arrange events) who drive rugged Jeeps and other off-road vehicles.

BMW on Demand – Munich, Germany

Besides their prototypes and concepts, BMW on Demand offers BMW’s entire range of cars to test out (Image source: BMW Press Site)

BMW on Demand allows you to book a car and time online, and then walk into BMW Welt (opposite the BMW Museum and their Munich factory) and take your car of choice for a trip. You can drive any one of their vehicles, from the electric i3 and hybrid i8 to the classic M1, to the Alps, drive around and experience Bavaria, or drive through the city of Munich. You could take the cars on a planned route (loaded on the car’s navigation system) or just go wherever you want. The price is based on how long you want to drive the car. You can also get some motorsport driver training as BMW on Demand has tied up with BMW Driving Experience to bring you just that.

Bike lovers can also choose to ride one of BMW Motorrad’s vintage and modern motorcycles. Until 30 October 2016, the price for a whole weekend from Friday 5pm to Sunday 5pm is €200 (£169) for their motorbikes and €150 (£127) for their scooters.

Great Escape Cars

Great Escape
Whether you want to rent a classic car or just drive one for a day, Great Escape Cars is your one-stop shop for classics (Image source: Wikipedia Commons/Great Escape Cars)

One of the largest classic car hire companies in the UK, Great Escape Cars has a massive range of classic cars to choose from and drive. Whether it’s a 1960s Porsche or a Morris Minor Convertible, they are ready to rent it out to you for as long as you want (up to 14 days). They also arrange day long road trips if you prefer driving in a group. Let’s face it, as car lovers; there are few things cooler than being one among a line of classic cars on a scenic B-road. The rental company also holds rallies in various locations around the UK with up to 10 cars (a maximum of 20 drivers and co-drivers/passengers) on historic pre-planned circuits.

Aston Martin 007 Weekend

Watching the spectacular Scottish countryside roll past in an Aston Martin will be a memory to last till old age (Image source: Wikipedia Commons)

If you are ready to fork over between £1365 and £1595 per person, you could live the Bond life for 3 days and 2 nights thanks to tour operator McKinlay Kidd. You’ll be driving around in an Aston Martin DB9 and get to visit the spectacular Scottish Highlands and pass through the Faslane Naval Base (featured in The Spy who Loved Me), and the loch by Crinan (the boat chase scene featured in From Russia with Love). Nights are spent in a hotel on a private island where you’ll learn to make the iconic Bond drink, the Martini.

The hotel is extremely luxurious with a Michelin starred restaurant, a 17-metre indoor heated swimming pool, gym, sauna, steam room, aromatherapy, reflexology suite, and a 9-hole golf course.

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