5 supercars unfortunately stuck in traffic

Owning a supercar gives one immediate bragging rights. The head-turning looks, the roar of its powerful engine, the sheer capability, all the things that make a supercar very desirable. On the other hand, there are those times when owning a supercar is just downright irritating. Maintenance usually burns a hole in the pocket (especially when an accident occurs), the ride quality is usually back breaking as they are tuned to handle with zeal, and the attention-grabbing capability doesn’t give one a moment of peace.

Probably the most irksome detail of owning a supercar is to drive it through traffic. All that power and ability and there’s no space to unleash it, like a muscle-bound XL size person wearing a t-shirt that’s three sizes too small. Adding insult to injury, supercars don’t have much ground clearance upgrading speed bumps and potholes from annoyance to potentially car damaging.

Here’s a video compilation of five unlucky supercars (and their owners) stuck in traffic. Feel the frustration as you watch:

BMW i8, Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Aventador in Bangalore, India

This video gained viral status after YouTuber Anil Kapse uploaded it. Bangalore (or Bengaluru as it is known now) is well known for its ridiculous traffic and like everywhere else in India, nonexistent adherence to traffic rules. While BMW’s i8 is powered by a hybrid engine that can shut off the petrol engine in heavy traffic (making it a decent choice for those roads), the owners of the Ferrari and Lamborghini must have been fuming at being stuck behind a bus.

Lamborghini Aventador in London, UK

This unlucky Aventador driver gets stuck in typical London traffic. Filmed on a camera phone, the uploader is heard talking to a cycle rickshaw driver about how awesome the car looks and whether he could race it. In those traffic conditions, I wouldn’t bet against the rickshaw driver.

Justin Bieber in his Ferrari 458

Sometimes, it isn’t the traffic that slows down a supercar, it’s just the owner. It isn’t enough that his white Ferrari 458 Italia is a show stopper but in this video, pop star Justin Bieber literally stops traffic to confront a random guy with a camera. While being honked at, he starts arguing with the cameraman while asking the guy on his other side for his opinion.

Lamborghini Aventador catches fire in Dubai, UAE

In another example of supercar owners messing around, this Aventador driver incessantly revs his engine at a red light. Not realising that his car actually spits flames from its exhaust, he continues to rev his engine until the molding below his tail-lamps catches fire. By the end of this video, his beautiful £260,000 supercar is left a burnt and smoking ruin.

Lamborghini Huracan in London, UK

YouTuber Supercars of London is a well known car spotter hanging around the city of London. In this video, a friend of the video blogger takes a trip around the city in his Lamborghini Huracan trying to spot more supercars. Fast forward to the 7th minute of the video and you will see why it’s probably not the best idea to tour a city like London in a supercar.

Porsche 911, Ferrari F12 and Lamborghini Aventador just outside Monaco

The city-state of Monaco is renowned for its F1 track, supercar ownership, and elite clientele. This video demonstrates what happens when one takes a spin to the countryside just outside the city. The recent Modball Rally Europe saw some jaw-dropping supercars hilariously get stuck in traffic thanks to a massive herd of sheep. The participants had just left Monaco and were heading to the United Kingdom for the next leg of the journey.


One thought on “5 supercars unfortunately stuck in traffic

  1. The guy who sets his car on fire, that’s just a clear case of karma at work. And yeah, you might have a really expensive and awesome car, but that doesn’t mean you also have the right to your own private road to avoid traffic.

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