10 best car commercials in recent years

How do you convince a consumer to buy your car? Make a great commercial to capture their interest! Volkswagen has worked with advertising company DDB to make some truly enthralling TV spots while Fiat nearly always comes up with something sexually charged yet funny for their 500 series of cars.

Be warned. These videos may make you want to sell your current car and buy a new one:

Volkswagen Passat – The Force Commercial

This is an adorably funny ad with a child cosplaying as Darth Vader trying to use his ‘Force Powers’ on various things around the house, the dog and even his dad’s 2012 VW Passat. The commercial was first uploaded on YouTube in February 2011 and reached eight million views before the ad was broadcast later on TV during the Super Bowl.

FIAT 500 Abarth – Catrinel Menghia Commercial

Another hilarious commercial that aired during the Super Bowl (this time in 2012) was the Fiat 500 Abarth ad featuring Romanian model Catrinel Menghia, who is also a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. The commercial connects with most guys thanks to its simple ‘gawk at the beautiful girl’ theme.

BMW – Stone Age Commercial

BMW didn’t produce this ad to promote a car or an event, but to spread consumer awareness. In a bid to combat spurious and counterfeit parts, BMW put out this amusing ad in 2012 that is based on the Stone Age. While giving new meaning to the words ‘make your own girlfriend’, the message of the commercial is “Real men don’t fall for fakes.”

Smart ForFour – Swearing Kids Commercial

Smart, the Mercedes sub-brand, created an ad for the Smart ForFour that is no longer available on the internet in its original form. The commercial is considered NSFW as it has little children swearing their mouths off. Where did they learn to use such language? From their parents, when they couldn’t park their large cars in tiny parking spaces.

Ford GT – The supercar in front is a…? Commercial

Ford Europe went out of its way to prove that they could surprise the world. The ad is set in London where their new GT supercar is on display. However, the displayed model has its Blue Oval logo covered. It is funny in its own way as none of the people who are standing around it and taking photographs can guess that it is Ford that has made the supercar.

Honda – Paper Comercial

A wonderfully crafted ad meant to embody Honda’s approach to R&D and engineering; it aired towards the end of 2015 in the USA. With incredible stop motion photography and stitched scenes, the commercial shows nearly every step taken by the manufacturer from founder Soichiro Honda’s use of a radio generator to power his wife’s bicycle, to the marque’s brand new NSX.

Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Jean Claude Van Damme

Released in 2013, this commercial became huge on social media and inspired hundreds of parodies. Meant to demonstrate the directional stability of Volvo’s Dynamic Steering, the video is set to Enya’s Only Time and has Van Damme performing an epic split between two reversing Volvo FM trucks.

Volkswagen Tiguan – Pedro Commercial

Volkswagen came out with this ad in 2013 to promote its Sign Assist technology, specifically for their mid-size SUV the Tiguan. The hilariously clueless husband in the commercial just can’t read the signs that tell him that his wife is having an affair. Even after his wife says it outright, he is still completely oblivious to it.

Fiat 500X – Blue Pill

The Italian marque has a tendency to come out with humorous ads for its 500 series of cars and this one, released in 2014 is no exception. Set in Italy, the spot begins with a middle-aged couple about to engage in ‘amore’. Needing a performance booster, the man tries to pop a little blue pill that inadvertently falls into the tank of a standard 500. The blue pill ‘enhances’ the little hatchback and turns it into a beefier, more muscular looking 500X.

VW Golf GTI – Fast Film

Made by the same marketing company that made the Pedro commercial, DDB made this one for the launch of the Golf GTI in Argentina in April 2016. Claimed to be the fastest commercial (total length 10 seconds), the ad was created to showcase how fast the GTI is over 100 metres. A slow motion video (lasting two minutes) was made to show what the viewers missed in the first commercial. The hashtag #MiraloEnCámaraLenta (#watchitinslowmotion) was used to promote the hot hatch’s launch in the South American market.



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