10 best songs about cars

What is it that inspires artists and composers to make music? Inspiration begins with a feeling, one that drives you to create. For anyone who loves cars, or even just appreciates them, that feeling is born from driving one. Whether it’s a long lonely highway, or an escape into the wilderness, driving a car has always brought about these emotions.

The next time you plan on a long drive, remember to have these on your playlist. Not only will you enjoy the drive more but the songs are about cars too:

The Cars – Drive

A beautiful melody with lyrics that could either be about your beloved car or a beloved person. In either case, the lyrics talk about the people or machines that depend on you to take care of them. Released in 1984, this single was a chart-topper in the USA and in Europe.

Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

This song is all about escaping a life that no longer feels worth living. Throughout the song, Tracy Chapman’s melodic voice lends credence to the need to just get in your car and drive away from your problems. Released in 1988, this single was voted 167th on Rolling Stone‘s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

Bruce Springsteen – Racing In The Street

Few songs express the pure love of cars like The Boss’s single Racing in the Street. The poignant song revolves around the themes of man and machine, drag racing, and lost love. The song was released in Springsteen’s heyday  in 1978. Though it may not have reached the heights of Dancing in the Dark or Born in the USA, this single is as moving as the more popular single, The River, but themed around cars.

The Eagles – Take It Easy

The open highway, how to live your life, and girls, Take It Easy by The Eagles is a song that brings the ‘escape your problems’ theme to life in classic fashion. The first track on their debut album, this song made Winslow, Arizona quite famous too.

Queen – I’m in Love with My Car

Among band member Roger Taylor’s most famous songs in the Queen catalogue, this song was actually a point of contention within the band as lead singer, Freddie Mercury, did not want this single to feature on their 1975 album A Night at the Opera. Still, Taylor’s passion for motoring is obvious in this rocking single.

Radiohead – Killer Cars

This single by Radiohead is a brilliant yet gloomy song, accentuated by the use of slower guitar riffs. The lyrics talk about the dangers and risks of driving too fast, which is why the name Killer Cars is quite apt. Released in 1995, the single features on the band’s second studio album, The Bends.

The Doors – Roadhouse Blues

This single, Roadhouse Blues, is a fusion of blues and rock about the open road and need to keep on driving and moving forward. One of The Doors’ best songs in my opinion, it was first released as a single from the album Morrison Hotel in March 1970. Apparently when recording, Jim Morrison was so drunk that he went into ‘full blues singer mode’, claimed producer Paul A. Rothchild.

Metallica – Fuel

Try listening to this song before you go for a drive and it will have you so pumped, there is a good chance that the police may pull you over. Fuel is a high-octane rock anthem that says, “I want to drive as fast as these four wheels will go.”

AC/DC – Highway to Hell

Highway to Hell needs very little introduction. This single, and the album of the same name, by the Australian rock band has been high on every chart since its release in 1979. Unfortunately, it was the last album featuring lead singer Bon Scott, who died of alcohol poisoning in February 1980.


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